Maine Authors Book Festival 2022

Maine Authors Book Festival 2022!
Saturday, August 27th, 2021
11:00am – 4:00pm

Maine Authors Publishing
12 High Street, Thomaston, Maine

Presentation Schedule


Join Ada Bea McC. on a Downeast Adventure!
Children’s book presentation and author Q&A with Laurence H. Leavitt

When Ada Bea McC. moved “from away” to Maine’s sleepiest fishing village, she innocently tried to befriend the town’s most ornery and cantankerous resident, ol’ Grumpy Johnson. Laugh and cry as you follow Ada Bea’s wild and rollicking battle of wills with Grumpy.

Author Laurence H. Leavitt will present a slideshow of Ada Bea’s Downeast Adventure paired with the audiobook narrated by Jennywren Walker and featuring the voice of renowned Maine humorist Tim Sample. Also featured is music by award-winning singer-songwriter Kathleen Regan with her song “Coast of Maine.”

After, the author will briefly discuss the process of writing and will be available for a Q&A.


Writing the Experience and Spirit of Place
with Laurie Apgar Chandler

Author and wilderness paddler Laurie Chandler will present “Writing the Experience and Spirit of Place.” Chandler will share photographs of her extensive northwoods canoe trips, chronicled in her inspirational memoirs. Learn how Chandler transformed a lifelong love of nature and books into a writing career. After solo thru-paddling the 740-mile Northern Forest Canoe Trail, she wrote Upwards, followed by Through Woods & Waters: A Solo Journey to Maine’s New National Monument. Hers are stories of shared discovery, highlighting the region’s rich history and natural wonders.

Live Music

Since 1986, Castlebay has been weaving together Maine’s nautical and British Isles legacies, transporting their audience through time and across the Atlantic. Julia Lane and Fred Gosbee have loved and researched traditional music for most of their lives and blend history, legend, and experience into their personable performances. Finely crafted ballads with evocative imagery and beautiful melodies depict Maine characters, history, and life close to the elemental beauty of the sea and shore


The Jersey Plate

Stone Fox Farm Creamery



Claire Ackroyd Murder in the Maple Woods

William Anthony Farnsy

J.G. Breerwood Sinking Dixie

Nancy Arey Cohen Faraway Love

Geoffrey M. Cooper Bad Medicine; Forever; Ill Intent; Perilous Obsession

Rowland Creitz A Debt Too Dear; To Touch the Earth Again; The Money Lake

Charlene D’Avanzo The Shark, the Girl & the Sea; Secrets Haunt the Lobsters’ Sea; Demon Spirit, Devil Sea; Glass Eels, Shattered Sea

Irene M. Drago The Maine Point; Daughters of Long Reach; Lavinia Wren and the Sailmakers

Kathy Eliscu Not Even Dark Chocolate Can Fix This Mess

Bruce A. Fleming Pressing Matters; Last Will & Punishment; Battle Lines Drawn

Amelia Garretson-Persans Where the Avonley Seed Falls

Deborah Gould The Eastern, Book One: The Early Years; The Eastern, Book Two: Later On; Household

Elizabeth Heminway Tales from a Tuscan Mountainside

Norman R. Kalloch, Jr. 45th Parallel; A Long Way to Walk; Life in the Backwoods

Christopher W. Morin Rogue Plunder; The Rebel’s Wrath; The Besieged; A Tale of Life & War

Addison Wentz Reason to Leave

Richard Wile Requiem in Stones


 Ellen Goldsmith Left Foot, Right Foot

Betsy Headley The Clarity of Birds


Vickie Hughes Baron Maine Fun Facts Word Search Puzzle Books 1 & 2

Deborah Gould Rec’d Your Card…Thot You Was Dead

Susan A. Starr Memoirs of a Mad Innkeeper


 Mary S. Build Finding Myself in Aviation

Roger H. Greene In the Company of Trees: The Empirical Forest

Hans Krichels We Have Met the Enemy

Vernita Leins Fostering Marcel; Josie’s Story

Don Reimer Seen Anything Good?

June Vail The Passion of Perfection; Folly Cove Sketches

David C. Wilcock Foreign Aid and Agricultural Development in Africa

Sally Williams Faces of Founders: Hiram, Maine


 Patsy Baldus Love, Lutefisk, and Lemon Zest Sneakers

Wayne Myles Burton Wayne’s War

Judith Perry Carpenter The Uninvited Goddess

Laurie Apgar Chandler Through Woods & Waters; Upwards

Bethany Lynne Davis In Deeper

Mimi Gough From Fledgling to Flyer

Christopher W. Morin Three Labs a Lifetime; Three Fab Felines

Children’s/Middle Grade/ YA

 Kathleen Murray-Allain The Girl with Berries

Betsey Anderson Maggie Goes to Maine

Mary Atkinson Owl Girl; Tillie Heart and Soul

Rae Chalmers Bear and the Oxbow Island Gang; Oxbow Island Gang: Lobster Graveyard; Oxbow Island Gang: Winter Crows

Gail Clark The Adventures of Eloise Violet and Madeline Rose: The Island

Didi Cooper Buddy the Bullfrog on Sweet Pickle Pond, Before You Were Ours

Sandra Dunham The Spiritual Warrior

Peter & Deborah Emery The Wildlife Tree

Kristy Lageroos Candice and Lucy at the Halloween House

Laurence H. Leavitt Ada Bea’s Downeast Adventure

J. Philip Miller Milo Meander

Pat Davidson Reef David C. Driskell: Artist, Educator, Author; Bernard Langlais Revisited; Dahlov Ipcar / Artist

Edith Schriever Talos and the Yellow Suitcase

Susan A. Starr The Birthright

Judi Valentine The Crystal Chain

Janet Williams Maxx and Mrs. Queen

Margaret Gousse From Nana’s Window